The Outrage Machine

The Outrage Machine is an internship collaboration among ITP, Viacom and NYC Media Lab that will focus on the creation of engaging screen based interactive storytelling experiences that address social outrage.


Role:Creative Director and Technical Director


Responsible for researching and implementing signal flow to incorporate real time interactive/video content on Viacom’s LED displays in Times Square. Advised/guided/directed students (with Gabe BC and Sam Lavigne) on proper implementation and specs as well as coordinating relations between Viacom (Lab, Ad Sales, Legal and MTV Studio), NYU ITP and NYC Media Lab and Sensory Interactive (day to day billboard OPs).



Project Links

Immigrator: Joe Mango, Marc Abbey, David Cihelna

The Outrage Machine: What Outrages You?: Rebecca Lieberman, AJ Levine, Abhishek Singh

Surveillance: Zoe Bachman, Becca Ricks, Katie Temrowski

ThisIsReal: Stream Gao, Maya Moosh, Luke Kao