History Of Viacom – Behind The Scenes Gallery

History Of Viacom is a dynamic digital diorama that combines a variety of leading edge technologies to create a fun, unique and innovative look through Viacom’s illustrious 45 year history. With an 84” transparent touchscreen display as its centerpiece, users navigate a dynamic historical timeline to find and reveal 20 dioramas representing a variety of cultural milestones.

From the launch of MTV to the premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race, each scene remains hidden from the user, revealed only through visitor interaction. Moment boxes consist of multiple hand painted 3d prints, complete with addressable LED lights and unique animations which combine to create complete mixed reality dioramas, delighting users and encouraging them to further explore the installation.


The gallery below offers a glimpse into how it all came together.


Early Shelving Diagram version 387. Matt Hanson and Sean McClintock

Diorama/Chapter Distribution Diagram, which would change many many times. Matt Hanson and Sean McClintock

Box ID map, Matt Hanson and Sean McClintock

My giant wall of fun, used to track all aspects of all Magic Moment boxes.

Michael Boczon, measuring twice on the way to constructing our 1:1 replica box

1:1 foamcore box which would enable us to rough out the dimensions of our shelving/cubbies while we waited for our product to be assembled and shipped to us.

Initial lighting/shelving prototype.



Color swatches Elise prepped to pick our sled colors.

4 sleds, assembled, painted and ready to go by Elise Ferguson

Our first model delivery from Shapeways

Moonman model and base by Scott Denton. Keyed out and ready to go!

Bust of RuPaul printed w/Form 2 and modeled by Ryan Kittleson, ready to be painted!


Ben Kress getting his Ru detail sheet ready.


Fully painted Ru bust by Ben Kress, awaiting the teeth inserts.

You betta worrrrrrrrk. Fully assembled Ru Paul model. Body suit is printed in gold steel from Shapeways.


James Zanoni’s workspace in Elise Ferguson’s studio with some characters you may have heard of.

Elise, Ben and Tim McDonald’s awesome palm tree trunks for our Paramount box.

…now with palm leaves

Rough placement of almost all items for the Paramount box

Measuring out placement for the Paramount Gate detail pieces w/Tim

Elise making sure the special light transmitting print we ordered for the back of the Paramount box fits.

Save The Music box awaiting its rear facing LED strip. Model by Sean McClintock and Scott Denton

Close up of our Viacommunity Box, model by Scott Denton

Laying out all our empty sleds prior to assembly.

Elise and Tim focused on the task at hand while Chris Willmore captures the moment.

Tim deep in assembly mode.

Tim’s kit.

Some nighttime WIP

Dipping out for a quick break.

LED strips in custom, 3d printed mounts

Michael and I soldering and assembling all the LED strips/power supplies.

About half of the total power supplies for our rear facing LED strips.

One of GammaNYCs lighing panels getting ready to make the trip from BK—>NYC

Assembled boxes awaiting their LED inserts

Michelle inspecting the mostly assembled box

Gamma NYC putting the finishing touches on their lighting install

Michelle and Josh Lindo inspect our alignment grid to make sure everything is where it needs to be.



Huzzah, assembled, functional and awaiting final wall facing install.